Monday, 11 January 2016

The Scientific Method

The scientific method (as shown in the first picture below) consists of many steps to answer questions. After asking a question, you do research to find out more about the subject of the question. After finding out more, assess if you can make money by experimenting on the subject. If it is worth the effort, construct a hypothesis. A hypothesis is an assumption of the end product or result of the experiment based on what you know. Then you need to seek funding for your experiment. If funding is given, you can start the experiment to find out if your hypothesis is true. The experiment will give you the data that you will have to sort through, along with all the observations that you made throughout the experiment.
When you finish the sorting of the data, we need to analyse the data and observations, before coming up with a conclusion about your project.
If the results were different from what you expected, you need to make a hypothesis again, then continue with the experiment all over again. But if the results were what you expected, then you can now publish your discovery!

Our Introduction

Hi! We are Rishita, Liya and Hannah. Our group project is about turning milk into plastic. :D